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Pool covers have really come into their own in the last few years and levels of customisation just keep getting better. The high-end property owner favours the luxury, fully automated slatted pool covers and PowerPlastics Pool Covers has just increased options at this level of the market, launching a solar version – The Solar-powered Slatted Cover. With the solar element, this slatted cover is great for sustainable living and is also an ideal solution for retrofits with a delivery time of just 10 days.

Looking at the middle of the range, another new product just launched by PowerPlastics Pool Covers is the  PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller. This is the first automatic roller system for thermal pool covers in the GeoBubble range and an affordable way to automate without the cost of fully automatic slatted covers. It comes with a remote control and, also solar powered, it is another sustainable off-the-grid solution and is easily installed as a retrofit without any electrical connections required at the poolside. 

Solid safety covers are being automated too, the child safety aspect being of paramount importance. A Vektor Rollup Station added to the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover makes the cover effortless to use so there can be no excuses about the hassle of closing the pool again as soon as swimming is over.

Convenience aside, adding a Rollup Station to a pool cover ensures correct storage of the cover when it is not on the pool. In the absence of a rollup station, pool covers are often scraped over the paving or pool edges, leading to wear and tear and causing premature ageing of the cover.

Pool covers for South African issues

Zooming out, pool designs have definitely become smaller as a result of the call to action to live more sustainably and, within that trend, pool covers have an important role to play. The addition of a cover means a pool’s water consumption and carbon footprint can be reduced drastically. During the Western Cape’s recent drought, the adoption of pool covers spiked and this played a key role in helping the province keep consumption down. It is however vital to ensure the pool does not have design features that mean the pool can’t be made safe or sustainable with a pool cover, something that local builders have not really gotten right yet. The pool cover company should be brought in before the pool design is finalised.

All pool covers stop evaporation and save 98% water and the cover prevents leaves, dirt and debris entering the water, thereby maintaining perfect water hygiene and reducing the running costs. All pool covers save on electricity, some more than others, but as much of 50% of pool pump costs can be saved.

The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover should be a non-negotiable where there are children and pets at risk in the home. This cover looks great too and seals off the entire pool. Water is kept cleaner which reduces filtration times and chemical input, and the pool is hassle free in terms of maintenance. This cover meets SABS Standards and withstands up to 220kg. Learn more about pool covers and what is best for your pool and needs from market leader PowerPlastics Pool Covers  Their full range is available nationwide.


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