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About PowerPlastics Pool Covers

Pool safety

Child and pet drownings happen daily. These preventable tragedies drive all our educational and practical work in our communities, teaching about pool safety. We work within a focused, wide network of safety taskforces, local government and other decision makers to lower the drowning statistics. We have also been instrumental in drafting the SABS safety standards that apply to all privately owned pools.

Education aside, our PowerPlastics Pool Covers drowning solution is the best-selling child safety pool cover – the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover. Many have copied our original design, although none can match our product quality, service ethic and excellent after sales service. This cover comes with its own SABS 10134:2018 safety compliance certificate a first and unique offering in the pool cover space.

A second part of the solution is TopStep, the home of pool safety. It is a free resource packed with tips and insight on the issue of drowning. The downloadable guide should be printed and handy in every home.


  • PowerPlastics Pool Covers has for many years provided homeowners and corporates with aesthetically beautiful, quality pool covers to enhance the sustainability of one’s swimming pool. We are passionate about saving water, saving electricity and saving chemicals – savings which are all easy to achieve by covering up with any of our pool covers.

    These pool solutions are designed to offer sustainable benefits to a greater or lesser extent. These benefits include:  
  • Save water – all pool covers stop 98% evaporation, eliminating the need for top ups. (An 8x4m or 32m2 pool will lose 64000 litres or 64m3 a year.)
  • Save power – a cleaner pool with less algae needs less filtration. One can achieve as much as 50% to 90% savings on power with a cover. Helps reduce the need for loadshedding.
  • Save chemicals – again, with a cleaner pool, far less chemicals are required. A pool cover also stops chemicals from evaporating in the sunlight.
  • Natural heating – our thermal pool covers, also known as pool blankets, use solar energy only to heat the pool, up to 8 degrees C. No need for electrical heat pumps to heat the pool.

These savings mean that a cover from PowerPlastics Pool Covers has a short payback period.


At the top of the range is the Roldeck automatic pool cover which offers everything one could want in a pool cover – elegance, convenient automation, environmental benefits, safety. Roldeck is the leading automatic brand in Europe and is available exclusively from PowerPlastics Pool Covers. It comes with several fitment options and slat types and colours. There is also a Solar-powered Roldeck which is great for retrofits and elevates sustainability with its solar functionality. This solid slatted cover brings style and the ultimate finish to any high-end designer home and raises property value. Roldeck aside, this style is then carried through our entire pool cover range, bringing affordable, locally designed and manufactured covers to the South African consumer.

Mission & vision

The PowerPlastics Pool Covers vision

  • To be the biggest and best pool cover company in SA by market share
  • To be the best in service, best in quality, best in after sales service
  • To be the recognised leader in child safe pools and sustainable pools with a smaller footprint
  • To have the best people in the industry aligned with the brand – staff and installers

PowerPlastics Pool Covers’ values

  • Honesty and fairness to all stakeholders
  • Relentless drive to satisfy customer demands and aim to be best in class in quality
  • Be accountable and take responsibility
  • Act with courage, perseverance and reliability
  • Ensure behaviour that is financially sound, sustainable and contains costs
  • Upskill our staff

Our people

PowerPlastics Pool Covers is a privately owned company, employing some 55 people in South Africa.

How we work – ordering a pool cover


Indicative quotation:

supply your pool’s approximate dimensions and we send an indicative quote. You can also get an indicative quote in the online store.



when you accept the indicative quote, the deposit is payable. Once received we will either come out and measure or not and proceed to a final quotation. (Deposits are non-refundable.)



should you require us to handle the installation, we will do a site visit to measure and design your pool cover. A final quote is then supplied. If you are purchasing a Rollup Station, then we recommend that we handle the installation. Should you choose to install your cover yourself, you are required to take measurements yourself and we can’t be held liable if your measurements are wrong. All Solid Safety covers, solid covers and leafnets require PowerPlastics Pool Covers to measure.


Final quotation:

accept the final quotation in writing by signing the quote and provide proof of payment.



starts and because your cover is bespoke, there is no going back once production has started.


Final installation:

we will get in touch to schedule an installation date.


Delivery time:

the overall process from when the deposit is received is 5-7 working days.

Why cover a pool

  • Safety – prevent child and pet drownings
  • Sustainability – Save water, power, chemicals with a quality pool cover
  • Style – express your style and finish the outdoor living space with a beautifully design pool cover

Choosing the best quality pool cover for your needs

Are you unsure of what cover is right for you? Our sales team can take you through the different types of cover but you can also use this quick guide to our bestselling covers:

  • To protect children and pets from drowning accidents – the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover
  • To save water – all our pool covers stop 98% evaporation
  • Save power – the three covers in our GeoBubble range are all excellent power-savers. EnergyGuard saves the most power (50%)
  • To heat the pool naturally – the Sol+Guard cover in the GeoBubble range offers the best performance on natural heating – adds up to 8 degrees C. The other GeoBubble covers also offer heat gain and heat retention.
  • Save chemicals – choose EnergyGuard or Thermal GeoBubble to save the most chemicals
  • Reduce maintenance – all our covers keep the pool clean and clear of debris, meaning less time is spent of maintenance

Delivery and installation

For child safety covers, we recommend that we handle the installation as professional installation is key to correct cover performance and avoiding drownings.

If you are purchasing a Rollup Station, then we recommend that we handle the installation.

If you are doing your own installation, please schedule your cover collection time with your sales agent.

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