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Custom pool covers in Builders retail stores


In order to make it even more convenient for every Builders customer to experience great savings and peace of mind from a cover from PowerPlastics Pool Covers, Builders have an in-store ordering service called Builders Made to Measure.

So what does Made to Measure mean? Well, basically what it sounds like – a custom pool cover to fit your pool. How does it work? 

The Builders Made to Measure service offers you the PowerPlastics Pool Covers full range of products – custom designed to fit your pool – just pop into your local Builders store and, in the pool section, find the PowerPlastics Pool Covers display and the sales agent who can unpack the different covers available and explain the various benefits / match your needs.  

The request comes through to us and we then provide a preliminary quote. If accepted, we come to take our own measurements, and we manufacture and install your pool cover about a week later. Billing is handled by Builders, just pay at the till. 

The Made to Measure concept is the best way to handle an order for a PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover as 100% accurate measurements and correct instalments are critical to the cover’s performance. 

In addition to the Builders Made to Measure service, we also have in-store large jumbo rolls of 3m and 4m (in width) GeoBubble pool cover material in most Builders stores. Buy a length of pool cover material and then install the cover yourself at home with the guides we provide. So there you have it. Getting a pool cover can be as easy as popping into Builders for a tin of paint. 

Ready to order? Head over to Builders and order your cover today.

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