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Pool covers have evolved over the years and in particular automatic pool covers, have completely changed the way we use our pools. A PowerPlastics Fully Automatic Roldeck Slatted Cover is driven by design excellence and innovation. These exceptional covers are aligned with the demand for sleek, effortless, beautiful outdoor living in South Africa.

“PowerPlastics Roldeck Covers are a real game changer. High-end property owners and establishments require high-end solutions that reflect the style of their surroundings and this range ticks all the boxes. Furthermore, it is a smart investment in the property,” says Roger Bester of PowerPlastics Pool Covers, the sole distributor of Roldeck in South Africa.

The cover can be easily incorporated into new pools or approached as a retrofit. It is made up of a series of slats that roll open or closed over a stainless-steel roller. One can choose from a range of quality slats in various colours and materials, each one offering different aesthetics and performance. There is also an option for a solar-powered above-ground installation.

Other benefits include

  • Natural heating: the cover improves a pool’s heat retention capacity. All Roldecks provide heat retention through a double air chamber in the slats, like double glazing for houses.
  • Closing the pool for long periods: a good cover choice for hibernating a pool in winter or when not in use.
  • Cleaner water: keeps the water significantly cleaner as dirt and debris are prevented from collecting in the pool, allowing one to maintain excellent water hygiene with little effort. A cover also saves water by curbing evaporation.
  • Child safety / drowning prevention: the cover can carry weights of up to 50kg per m², providing a safe barrier across the water. Pets are protected in the same way. Safety needs to be discussed in the specification to ensure maximum use of all features.

PowerPlastics Pool Covers has been covering pools for over 30 years and offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of pool covers. In addition to automatic covers, the range offers child safety covers and thermal covers, as well as a range of accessories. The company has dedicated teams in Sandton and Cape Town, servicing Southern Africa. It has over 50 staff members with corporate structures and governance in place, ensuring a property developer or architectural team has access to our full team and skills, from installers, import expertise, building law contracting, insurance, banking references etc. It is a privately owned Pty company known for excellence in the pool cover marketplace. Learn more at

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