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The PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller

The PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller is an excellent and affordable way to add automation to your GeoBubble pool cover without the cost of fully automatic slatted covers. The GeoRoller takes pool cover innovation and every day functionality to the next level and is the perfect complement to a stylish outdoor living area.

How it works

The PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller attaches to the aluminium pole with an attachment kit. When the motor is engaged, the Georoller is 100% effective in rolling the cover off the pool.

It is also a great aid for covering the pool or closing the cover and we have found our 500 micron Sol+Guard and EnergyGuard covers are slightly more rigid, and therefore work better with the GeoRoller. You may however still need to gently guide the cover with a simple towing cord that is provided. This will ensure you close the pool 100%.


  • Ease of use for larger covers: while our thermal covers are light and easy to use on smaller pools, it is recommended that a manual or this new GeoRoller is added where pools exceed 7 metres in length. This will assist in the removal of the cover as well as ensuring its neat and safe storage once removed from the pool.
  • Prevent wear and tear: prevents abrasive wear and tear caused by manually dragging the cover over the pool’s paving and surrounds.
  • Solar convenience: because it is solar powered, it is sustainable and off the grid, so there is no need to run wiring to the pool area.

Materials and features

  • Available in widths of up to 5m.
  • Powered by a 12V remote controlled electric drive reel.
  • The battery is a safe, sealed 12V maintenance free, gel cell battery. At start up, or if the panel is shaded for a long time, the battery can also be recharged from A/C power.
  • The solar / PV panel comes with an orientation device to make it easy to align the panel correctly to the sun at any location for optimal charging.
  • The GeoRoller has a unique drive disconnect function for easy, power assisted deployment. The friction drive function makes deployment exceptionally easy.
  • In case of a flat battery, the handwheel can be used to manually roll up the cover.


The GeoRoller is designed for extremely long life under adverse conditions (High UV, pool chemicals and salt) and is proven over 5 years of trouble free operation.

Watch a video of the GeoRoller in action.

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