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PowerPlastics Pool Covers prides itself on being able to tailor products to specific requirements, including Rollup Stations. Chat to us about your needs and let us come up with an affordable and innovative solution!

Custom Rollup Station on a PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover

The video below shows a custom Rollup Station on a PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover. A customer recently wanted a cover for his 15 metre long pool. The cover had to be easy to use and allow for one person only to operate it. He also didn’t want a pool cover that was dependent on electricity. We provided a unique solution which used a Rollup Station on one end and then a second rollup station on the other end to facilitate the closure of the pool cover. The rollup stations were secured into the wooden deck and wheels were placed down the sides to reduce friction. The customer is delighted as it provides absolute safety for children and is aesthetically charming too. The video demonstrates how quickly the pool is covered and the Rollup mechanisms used.


Custom Rollup Station

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