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EnergyGuard GeoBubble: making sense in a South African energy crises

Most of us have load-shedding fatigue but we still need to make better choices when it comes to pool maintenance. The need to reduce consumption and alleviate demand is not going away any time soon, but the first – and very simple – step to take is an EnergyGuard pool cover.

EnergyGuard GeoBubble Cover

The EnergyGuard GeoBubble cover was the first cover to offer power savings as well as natural heating.

What makes GeoBubble material so different and effective? It’s down to the bubble shape – like a figure 8, and superior manufacturing using the latest technologies in thermal materials. This second-generation pool cover material does away with sharp edges and weak points on the old round bubble. The end result is a high-performance cover with a great lifespan. Further convenience can be added with a Rollup Station. 

The savings numbers can’t be ignored. 

  • 50% savings on your electricity bill. In a normal household, the pool is accountable for 12% of your power bill. We can make that 6%! Big win for load-shedding! Covered pools really do make a difference to the national grid
  • Prevent evaporation and enjoy 98% saving on water. No more top ups
  • 60% chemical savings 
  • Natural heating – warmer pool with no heat pump required

This innovative dual-purpose energy-smart heating cover ticks all the boxes on sustainability and power saving. Click here to read the full list of benefits and features.

Ready to order? Head over to our online store and order your cover today.


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