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Spa/Jacuzzi shock cord cover

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The Spa/Jacuzzi Shock Cord Cover adapts to standard sizes via an elasticated fastening system. The cover allows one to achieve the right tension with a system of elasticated cords and eyelets sunk in the decking or coping. Easy to use and lightweight, it completely seals off the water and reduces general maintenance.

When using this cover in conjunction with a Thermal GeoBubble cover, heat retention is improved. The Shock Cord Cover prevents leaves and debris collecting in the water while the Thermal GeoBubble cover, lying in direct contact with the spa/Jacuzzi water, assists in heat retention.

The Spa/Jacuzzi Shock Cord Cover prevents access by children although it is not considered a drowning preventative measure on its own as water can collect on the top of the cover and pose a drowning risk. Always ensure children are supervised around the water.


  • Reduces general maintenance.
  • Water is kept cleaner and, on an outdoor Jacuzzi or Spa, water evaporation is reduced.


  • Elasticated cord that attaches to a series of eyelets sunk into the decking or coping.


  • Available in blue, black, racing green, brown, beige, mustard, grey and stone white.


  • The Spa/Jacuzzi Solid Cover with hooks and eyelets has a one year warranty but can be expected to last longer with correct care.

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