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JetStreams Trevi

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JetStreams Trevi is a massage jet and a counter current system in one and can be retrofitted to any pool or above ground pool. Just because your pool was not planned with a JetStream at the construction stage, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy counter current swimming.


  • Use the massage hose and back jet to direct the powerful current to just the right spot for a relaxing massage.
  • The fully adjustable nozzle can be swiveled within a range of about 30 degrees in all directions and is compatible with the massage accessories.
  • Retrofit options: can be retrofitted to any pool or above ground pool. Trevi is easily mounted on the pool deck and simply requires a power supply to operate.


  • Built in 1.7kW Single-Phase pump, or a 2.5kW Three-Phase pump.
  • Flow rates with single-Phase pump:11 litres/second or 40m3 /hour.
  • Flow rates with three-Phase pump: 12 litres/second or 43m3 /hour.
  • On / Off pneumatic air switch.
  • 100W lighting option available – for an added sense of luxury, the integrated light turns the Trevi into an aesthetically pleasing focal point at night.
  • Integrated suction.
  • Telescopic legs available for above ground pools.
  • Swivel nozzle with adjustable flow.

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