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  • Don’t let your pool’s water levels drop. Keeping the pool topped up allows for small arms to easily grab the edge if needed.
  • For every two children in the pool, have one adult supervising and use the Safety Monitor tag system. The more children, the more supervisors needed. Be aware that children’s pool parties are high-risk events.
  • Turn off fountains and water features. Not only do they waste water and power, they can cause ripples and splashing, making it harder to see when a child has encountered difficulty in the pool or has sunk to the bottom.
  • Ensure that every adult in the home knows CPR, including domestic workers. Never hire a baby sitter or au pair who can’t swim.
  • Don’t let anyone who has been drinking or on sedative medication supervise children in a pool.
  • Don’t leave toys in or near an open pool as children will be tempted to retrieve them.
  • Teach your child to swim fully clothed and with shoes on.
  • If your child develops a fear of water, don’t ignore this – a child who panics is at greater risk of drowning.
  • Never allow swimming after dark.
  • Discourage your dogs from swimming. Children and pets in a pool are not a good mix.
  • Never leave the pool without securing it with your PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover.
  • Never design / build a pool that cannot be secured for child safety.

The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover is SA’s bestselling safety cover to prevent drownings. The baton and ratchet system creates a tensioned PVC cover that a child is not able to tamper with. Babyproof your pool with this safety cover and enjoy peace of mind!

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