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Starline Roldeck fully automatic pool covers

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Chic, stylish and push-of-a-button ease of use, Starline Roldeck fully-automatic pool covers from PowerPlastics Pool Covers are the Rolls Royce of pool covers. Suitable for all pool types and sizes – tiled, concrete or fibreglass. A Starline Roldeck system can be retrofitted but it is best placed in a pool designed to accommodate the cover from construction stage.

These designer pool covers elevate the living area and increase value of high end homes and property developments. They can also be adapted for child and pet safety.


When it comes to pool upkeep, the Starline Roldeck offers numerous benefits:

  • Aesthetics: finishes off and accessorises the pool area to reflect the style of the entire home.
  • Child safety / drowning prevention: the cover can carry weights of up to 50kg per metre2, providing a safe barrier across the water to safeguard children. Pets are also protected from pool-related accidents. Pool owners can add a stainless steel rail system that sits inside the pool water or a safety ledge around the pool which gives the ultimate peace of mind with regards to pool safety.
  • Heating: improves the pool’s heat retention capacity.
  • Winterize your pool: a good cover choice for hibernating a pool in winter or when not in use for long periods. Come spring, the pool is swim-ready with minimal effort required.
  • Cleaner water: keeps the water significantly cleaner as dirt and debris are prevented from collecting in the pool, allowing one to maintain excellent water hygiene with little effort.
  • Ease of use: modern convenience at the push of a butto


  • The cover is made up of a series of slats which float unaided on the surface of the water. Upon opening or closing, these slats roll in and out over a stainless steel roller. The mechanics of this roller can be seamlessly incorporated into the pool and the controls linked to the home’s automation system.
  • Options to retrofit for existing pool.


  • Comes in a wide range of quality slats in various colours including green, white, grey and beige, allowing the cover to blend into the pool’s surrounds.
  • Polycarbonate High Quality transparent slats will enhance the aesthetics of underwater pool lighting, for a chic outdoor entertainment area.

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