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Solid PVC cover

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This solid cover is an excellent way to shut down or winterize a pool for long periods and save on water, power and chemicals. Most importantly, this solid cover is not to be considered a child safety cover. Rain or sprinkler water may collect in a small pool on top of the cover and may pose a threat to small or curious children. For child safety, rather opt for the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover.


  • Winterize the pool: this cover is widely used as a way to hibernate a pool in off-peak seasons.
  • Water savings: evaporation is curtailed by 98%+.
  • Power and chemical savings: without dirt and debris collecting in the water, water hygiene is improved and filtration and chemical input can be scaled back.
  • Pet safety: protects pets from drowning.


  • Made from flexible and durable 550gsm PVC.
  • Secured over the pool using hooks and eyelets.


  • The Solid Cover with hooks and eyelets has a one-year warranty but can be expected to last longer with correct care.

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