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Bespoke, versatile indoor pool, patio and living areas without the expense and hassle of building a permanent structure!

SolarPatio is a range of mobile pool or patio enclosures, used to create a temporary sun lounge, indoor pool or Jacuzzi area, conservatory or greenhouse.

Versatile and effortless to use, these mobile enclosures open up new areas in which to ‘live’, without being impacted by seasonal weather patterns. The result is a home that is seamlessly and beautifully integrated into your garden.

If you want to expand and maximise your property without construction work and being subject to planning approval, a SolarPatio is the perfect home extender!

SolarPatio is perfect for
  • Home owners
  • Pool owners
  • Schools and crèches
  • Swimming schools
  • Gyms, training pools and other sports related settings
  • Hotels, B&Bs and other hospitality establishments
  • Nurseries/garden centres and small scale market gardening enterprises


SolarPatio lends itself to a number of applications:

  • Enclose outdoor pool areas, simulating a luxury indoor pool without the cost of building and/or pool alterations
    Create an indoor Jacuzzi/spa area
  • Extend your general living and entertainment areas and get more from your outdoor spaces without being affected by rain, wind or winter weather
  • Home gardening – those living an eco-friendly lifestyle love SolarPatio! The greenhouse effect is great for plants and small scale or home veggie gardens.


  • Creates a warmer, more cosy indoor pool area without the cost of building an indoor pool!
  • Natural heating:  the natural greenhouse effect transfers natural solar energy/heat to the water. The ambient air and water temperatures are increased by between 6 and 14 degrees Celsius under a SolarPatio, extending swimming times into evenings as well as longer swimming seasons either side of summer
  • Reduce the pool’s carbon footprint. The pool is kept cleaner, lowering filtration times, chemical consumption and reducing the amount of water lost to evaporation
  • When used in conjunction with a thermal pool cover such as the EnergyGuard GeoBubble or Sol+Guard GeoBubble (that lies on the water surface), one can further increase the enclosure’s natural heat generation and heat retention properties
  • Electrical heating systems/pumps become more efficient under a SolarPatio
  • Child safety: a SolarPatio can have a lockable door incorporated to prevent access by children and therefore reduce the risk of child drowning. Great for keeping pets out the pool too


  • SolarPatio enclosures can be incorporated into the pool area without the need for rails or tracks on the ground, a common drawback of similar enclosure systems
  • Can be accessorised with a solar motor (as opposed to a manual opening and closing mechanism), to make the enclosure effortless to use


  • There is no ‘one-size fits all’ and no two SolarPatios are the same! As such, prices vary depending on size, design choice, installation requirements, and exchange rates, being an imported product.
  • Each system is bespoke and is costed according to the area size and the fitment options i.e. taking into account how the area is used. Whether it’s a basic manual roller system or a luxury motorised enclosure, each SolarPatio is designed to complement and enhance the existing area and the home owner’s lifestyle. A range of accessories is available to further customise your one-of-a-kind enclosure.

How to order

  • Request a site visit by emailing us on Let us know the rough size of area to be enclosed and what your principle need is, and we will help you choose the best system for your budget.
  • Please allow 10 weeks, from receipt of your confirmed order to installation.

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