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JetStreams Libra

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JetStreams Libra is a versatile massage system that can be easily built into the walls or steps of a pool. Libra can consist of multiple jets for massage on specific points of the body. Enjoy massage in the privacy of your own home!


  • Option for three, four or five separate jets. The nozzles can be positioned exactly where you want them for massage. For example, level with your neck, coccyx and knees, or on your neck, shoulder-blades and spine.
  • By increasing the number of jets, Libra allows one to create a stronger water flow and therefore a more vigorous massage.


  • Flow rates: 3 jets: 11 litres/second or 40m3 /hour.
  • Flow rates:4 jets: 14 litres/second or 50m3 /hour.
  • Flow rates:5 jets: 18 litres/second or 65m3 /hour.
  • Option to retrofit lighting.
  • Fully adjustable airflow.
  • Can be accessorized with a massage hose or nozzle.
  • Pneumatic on / off switch.
  • Piezo button available for stainless steel units
  • Self priming pumps available.
  • 3.2 kW Single-Phase pump or 3.5 kW Three-Phase pump.
  • Available in white premium ABS plastic, in stainless steel round and in stainless steel quad.
  • Separate suction point.

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