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Hardtop Spa/Jacuzzi cover

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The Hardtop Spa/Jacuzzi Cover gives a more structured and aesthetically appealing finish to the spa / Jacuzzi. With its built-in thermal properties, it assists with heat retention, allowing heat pump settings to be lowered.

This hard-top solid cover can be secured in such a way to prevent children accessing the water.

The Hardtop Spa/Jacuzzi Cover is sold directly to the trade in quantities of 10 or more. To learn more, please email


  • Reduces general maintenance.
  • Integrated thermal properties improves heat retention.
  • Water is kept cleaner and, on an outdoor Jacuzzi or Spa, water evaporation is reduced.


  • Secure fastening option to eliminate access to the water by children.


  • Available in blue, black, racing green, brown, beige, mustard, grey and stone white.


  • The Hardtop Spa/Jacuzzi Cover has a one year warranty but can be expected to last longer with correct care.

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