Mercury Rollup Station

The Mercury Rollup Station is an excellent way to make a pool cover convenient to use and to ensure correct storage when the cover is off the pool, recommended for larger swimming pools, such as schools and gyms.


  • Opens a large covered pool for swimming quickly and effortlessly.
  • Ensures correct storage of a large cover when off the pool, to prevent premature ageing due to wear and tear, and extends lifespan.
  • Reduces the amount of water lost due to run off when removing a large thermal cover.


  • Made from coated galvanised steel and aluminium.
  • Attachment kit and leading edge kit with reinforcing material on the pool cover ensure quality connections with the Rollup Station.
  • Secured to paving by stainless steel anchor bolt and ground anchor.
  • On castors/wheels for easy movement.


The Mercury Rollup Station comes with a one year warranty.

Mercury Rollup Station Mercury Rollup Station


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