Wind Protection

While most GeoBubble covers don’t need Wind Protection, certain areas do experience strong enough winds to warrant this. Wind Protection prevents the cover lifting from the pool and avoids having to remove the cover entirely in high winds. In winds over 65km/hr, the cover must be removed from the pool to avoid damage.

We offer two excellent Wind Protection solutions for our thermal covers:

  1. Flood Tubes: where the pool cover is fitted with one of our Rollup Stations, a flood tube is fitted on the leading edge of the cover. This hollow PVC pipe can be filled with pool water and the resulting weight diminishes any movement caused by wind. On removal of the cover, the flood tubes quickly drain and the cover removal process is then fast and effortless. Alternatively, the end caps may be secured onto the PVC pipe to ensure that water weighs the cover down at all times.
  2. Wind Skirt: a weighted 20cm skirt, attached to the sides of the cover, hangs downwards into the water. This maintains the cover’s contact with the water and prevents lifting by wind. The fabric simply rolls up with the cover after use.



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