JetStreams TriVa

JetStreams TriVa is the most powerful counter current swimming system on the market, designed specifically for athletes. Jets utilize the latest computer simulation technology, designed to deliver a flat current directly under the water surface where the athlete needs the most resistance during training – on the chest and shoulders.


  • Allows the professional swimmer / athlete to get a full work out in the privacy of their own home.
  • Unlike other counter current systems, TriVA does not use air injection. The Flat-Stream technology creates a less turbulent water surface compared to conventional counter current systems.
  • An extremely powerful current for professional training, with correctly positioned resistance.
  • Available in two models, the TriVA suits a wide range of swimming abilities and training levels, from beginners through to Olympic swimmers.


  • Available in 150m3/hr and 225m3/ hr, equivalent to 42 litres/second and 63 litres/second respectively.
  • 150 m3/hr model – 400V, 7kW Three Phase (two 3.5kW Pumps – individually controlled).
  • 225 m3/hr model – 400V, 10.5kW Three Phase (three 3.5kW Pumps – individually controlled).
  • Three-step operation via JetStream Piezo, the new pressure-sensitive single-button control.
  • Frequency converter for programming current sequences (special package).
  • Touch display (special package).
  • Extremely flat front plate (15mm) in stainless steel 316TI.
  • WAVE safety intake cover plates included.

TriVa plates



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