PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover (Brown/Black)

PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover
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PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover (Brown/Black)

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The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover is the single most effective physical barrier to prevent child drowning and to secure a pool, conforming to international safety standards as it supports the weight of two adults and a child. Importantly, there are no fiddly hooks and eyelets, making the cover quick and easy to use. This blend of simplicity of design, coupled with practical and user-friendly fastening systems are what make this cover the desirable choice over other pool safety systems on the market.

The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover can also be used to reduce water, chemical and power usage, making it a great cover choice for the eco-friendly home too, as well as a way to winterize or shut down the pool in the off season.

For added convenience, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover can be automated with a motorised Rollup Station. Two systems are available – EasyRoll and the Vektor.


  • Simplicity of design and ease of use: supported across the pool by aluminium battens that are secured into the PVC cover, one end is anchored into place with removable anchor bolts. The opposite end has corresponding ratchets which allow the cover to be tightened. Two people are required to operate the cover.
  • Tamper proof: the lockable strapping system makes it difficult for a small child to tamper with or attempt to release the cover.
  • Drainage system: a common drawback with first generation PVC covers is that rain or sprinkler water can collect on top of a PVC pool cover, forming a small pool that curious toddlers may be tempted to play in. Our second generation PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover features drainage holes to eliminate these pools forming on top of the cover.
  • Durable: made from 550-600 gsm PVC, aluminium battens and industrial strength stainless steel ratchets.


A variety of colours mean this cover can blend into the look and feel of the outdoor living area. Comes in Blue/Black, Black, Racing Green, Brown and StoneGrey.


The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover and all parts carry a one year warranty. The expected lifespan of the cover is five years and the aluminium battens should last three times that period.

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Please note that when ordering the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, delivery and fitment is mandatory. We cannot guarantee the cover’s safety claims if the cover is not installed by one of our authorized installers.

If you have selected a delivery only service with fitment done by yourself and your measurements prove to be incorrect, PowerPlastics Pool Covers can’t be held responsible for producing an incorrectly sized cover. It is not easy to fix this once the cover is manufactured so further costs will be incurred. If you are not 100% sure of your measurements, rather chose a delivery and fit option as then we do the measurements and it will fit perfectly.


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