Pink Rescue Buoy from the NSRI

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Product Description

The Pink Rescue Buoy from NSRI has saved thousands of lives. Install on its bracket on a wall close to the pool and ensure everyone in the home knows how to use it.

How to use a Pink Rescue Buoy

If someone is in difficulty in the water, throw the Pink Buoy to them. If they are unable to grab it, only a strong swimmer should enter the water with the Pink Buoy. Pass it to the person and make sure that they reach for the Pink Buoy and cannot grab you/the resucer. Use the Pink Buoy – or any other flotation device – to help you to get them into shallow water and then remove them from the pool.

Call 112 from your cell phone or landline for help in an emergency.

Drowning is silent – children should be supervised when they are in or near water.

Learn how to do CPR

If someone has had a non fatal drowning incident (they have been rescued from drowning) they should be checked by a doctor for non fatal drowning symptoms such as lung damage. This could be critical especially if the person is coughing a lot or behaving unusually

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