Leaf Net – Blue 55%


Leaf Net – Blue 55%

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Product Description

The LeafNet prevents leaves and debris from entering the pool. By eliminating water contamination by such debris, pool maintenance and chemical input can be scaled back. This is a popular cover in winter months and in leafy gardens subject to frequent high winds. Also a favourite with absentee landlords and pool owners with small pets.

Please note that the LeafNet has safety features to protect pets but is not a child safety cover. Adults should always supervise any children playing near the pool.


LeafNet is a popular cover in winter months and in leafy gardens subject to frequent high winds.

  • Water hygiene: when leaves and garden debris rot in pool water, the water’s pH levels and water hygiene are compromised and will require extra chemical input to restore balance. The LeafNet prevents this.
  • Household savings: because the LeafNet eliminates dirt and debris collecting in the pool and causing water contamination, filtration times and chemical input can be scaled back which allows for household savings on power and chemicals. The amount of time spent on pool upkeep is also reduced.
  • Water savings: because the LeafNet curbs evaporation, less top-ups are required to maintain water levels.
  • Pet safety: small pets are protected from entering the water.


  • LeafNet is secured to the coping with hooks and eyelets.
  • Available in two materials – either 55% shade cloth or PVC mesh.


LeafNet is available in blue and black.


LeafNet carries a one year warranty but can be expected to last longer with correct care.

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