School and Commercial Pool Covers

School and commercial pool owners are among our biggest customers given the scope of savings and other operational benefits associated with thermal covers for large outdoor pools, heated pools and pools with high levels of traffic. A thermal pool cover maximises water, power and chemical savings, shrinking the overall footprint of the pool and reducing maintenance costs for the pool manager.

Our thermal covers also create a more professional training environment. Numerous swimming professionals and water sport athletes favour a covered training pool for the more stable water temperatures.  The improved water hygiene and lower levels of chlorine also make for a less harsh training environment.


  • Heat generation and retention: thermal covers raise the water temperature by 6 to 8ºC, an ideal solution for those wanting a heated outdoor pool without the power overheads and environmental impact. On heated pools, a thermal cover reduces heat loss, making heat pumps more effective and allowing their settings to be lowered. This results in a far more cost effective heated pool that uses only the sun’s energy to supplement the electrical heating system.
  • Save water: evaporation is reduced by 98%+, allowing for remarkable water savings and reducing the pool’s water footprint.
  • Water hygiene: dirt and debris are prevented from collecting in the pool, making the water cleaner which in turn lowers filtration times by 50% and less time is spent on pool maintenance.
  • Reduced chemical input: in sunlight, chlorine naturally evaporates and is lost into the atmosphere. With a thermal cover, chlorine is contained in the water, works more efficiently and input can be reduced by up to 60%.
  • Professional training environments: thermal covers make for a more professional training environment given the more stable water temperatures and improved water hygiene. Athletes training in unheated outdoor pools for competitive swimming and water sports can add 8 weeks to their training season either side of summer.

Thermal covers: recommendations for school, gym and commercial pools

  1. EnergyGuard GeoBubble: this energy-saving cover offers all the benefits of a thermal cover but does not allow light to penetrate the water. This means that photosynthesis cannot occur thus inhibiting the growth of algae, offering savings in electricity and chemicals. EnergyGuard has a grey surface and black underside.
  2. Sol+Guard GeoBubble: the most affordable to way to heat a pool using only solar energy. Sol+Guard adds up to 8ºC to the water temperature and has excellent heat retention properties, protecting the water from overnight dips in temperature. The swimming season can be extended by 6 to 8 weeks with Sol+Guard. Available in light blue.
  3. Thermal GeoBubble: a cover traditionally used on domestic and larger pools, designed to raise the water temperature by 6 to 8ºC using the sun’s rays. It boosts heat retention, prevents evaporation and improves water hygiene by preventing dirt and debris collecting in the water. Available in blue.

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