PowerDome is the most affordable way to simulate an indoor pool area or spa/Jacuzzi, eliminating the need to build an enclosing structure or conservatory to keep the ambient air warm and comfortable and to shield the water from the cooling effects of wind and rain. In cooler weather and at night, you’ll no longer feel the nip of the surrounding air – it will completely revolutionize the way you use your outdoor spas/Jacuzzis and pools.

The alternative i.e. building an enclosure and/or running electric heat pumps, make PowerDome the more cost effective way to achieve an indoor setting and year-round use of your pool or spa/Jacuzzi.

When secured properly over small pools or spas/Jacuzzis, PowerDome can be used to restrict access by children and reduce drowning risks. Children should still be supervised at all times.

How it works – the ‘greenhouse’ effect

By creating a warm ambient pocket over the water, it utilises the natural ‘greenhouse’ effect as a heating alternative. Supported by a lightweight frame, one side folds into the other in a concertina-type movement. On the clear ‘windows’, strapping allows the windows and openings to be neatly rolled up and fastened in place, no zips required. PowerDome is fully portable.


  • Increase water temperatures: during the day, PowerDome creates a barrier between the outside air and the water. As the heat rises off the water, it is trapped within the PowerDome, sealed in the cocoon-like area over the pool or Jacuzzi. With no outlet, this natural energy is transferred to the water and raises its temperature, also effectively preventing the cooling effects of natural elements such as wind and rain. At night, optimal heat retention can be achieved by adding a thermal cover such as EnergyGuard or Thermal GeoBubble, which will reduce overnight temperature losses by 90%. This will ensure your pool or spa/Jacuzzi retains a consistent and comfortable water temperature without heat pumps.
  • Upkeep and reduced operational costs: where fitted over heated pools and spas/Jacuzzis, PowerDome allows for the heat pump’s settings to be reduced, which translates into significant household savings. PowerDome also prevents leaves and debris collecting in the water, saving time and money spent on both maintenance and filtration. It also makes it easier to maintain the right chemical balance for optimal water hygiene. Furthermore, input can be reduced given that the evaporation of chlorine is prevented.
  • Child safety: when secured to the coping/paving or decking, PowerDome keeps children safe around the pool.
  • Pet safety: provides an effective barrier for pets to prevent drownings.


  • Material: made from a combination of clear and opaque PVC.
  • Height: stands between 2,2 and 2,6 metres high, allowing ample space for the average adult to walk around inside PowerDome with ease. It is slightly lower at the rounded corners.
  • Shapes: PowerDome can be round or oval in shape.


PowerDome comes in blue.


PowerDome comes with a one-year guarantee but can be expected to last over five years with proper care.

PowerDome sizes and weights




4,1 x 2,2 m

4,9 x 2,6 m

4,1 x 6,2 x 2,2m

4,1 x 8,1 x 2,2 m

4,9 x 7 x 2,6m

4,9 x 8,9 x 2,6m

4,1 x 10 x 2,6m

42 kg

49 kg

64 kg

82 kg

89 kg

93 kg

Delivery period

Please allow for six weeks from date of payment.

Download the PowerDome brochure here.

powerdome2 PowerDome


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