JetStreams Juno

JetStreams Juno is a truly versatile counter current system that will suit any pool. It is especially well-suited to round pools, given its narrow dimensions.


  • Use Juno for a relaxing pressure point massage by utilising accessories such as the massage hose or the back jet.
  • Create a tingling air bubble bath by regulating the flow of oxygen.


  • Pump options: 3.2kW Single-Phase or 3.5kW Three-Phase.
  • Flow rates: Single-Phase pump — 17 litres/second or 62 m3 /hour.
  • Flow rates: Three-Phase pump —18 litres/second or 65 m3 /hour.
  • The swivel nozzle allows the current direction can be adjusted, and the air/water mixture can be varied using the adjustment knobs.
  • On / Off pneumatic air switch.
  • Piezo button available.
  • Sea water resistant to 3%.
  • Integrated suction point.
  • Three finishes available—premium quality plastic in white or stainless steel effect, or in stainless steel 316TI.
  • Accessories available: back jet and 1,5m massage hose.

Juno Units


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