Why PowerPlastics JetStreams?

Through the use of innovative high-quality water resistance jets, PowerPlastics JetStreams can transform your pool into a tranquil place of relaxation as well as a professional training environment simply by introducing a regulated current.

Water is the ideal medium for all sorts of physical activities, be they massages with powerful jets or demanding counter current workouts that help strengthen muscles and build endurance. Aqua training is just as effective as weight training—the only difference is that water does not strain the joints thus offering substantially more physiological value.

The JetStream range goes well beyond counter current systems. The range suits a variety of holistic wellbeing, massage and therapeutic requirements and a number of accessories are available to enhance the jets. Dive in and let your imagination swim against the current!

Manufactured in Germany, PowerPlastics Pool Covers is the sole distributor of the uweJetStream range in South Africa.

The PowerPlastics Jetstreams range has two categories:

  1. JetStreams Counter Current Swimming
  2. JetStreams Hydro Massage, Health and Wellness Jets

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