JetStreams Viva / Lido

Enjoy the power of JetStreams Lido or Viva. Wrapped in a powerful, upward stream, Viva and Lido simultaneously relaxes, invigorates and soothes away your day-to-day stress. The benefits are felt especially in the neck and back.

Viva is a floor mounted hydrotherapy system while Lido is mounted in the wall of the pool.


  • Gives a full body massage but a particularly effective hydro massage system for the neck and back.
  • Promotes health and wellness.


  • 5-hole wellness nozzle.
  • Flow rates: Single-Phase pump: 17 litres/second, or 62m3 /hr.
  • Flow rates: Three-Phase pump: 18 litres/second, or 65m3 /hr.
  • Constant air flow rate.
  • Pneumatic switch on request. Piezo button available with the stainless steel finish.
  • Available with either a 3.2kW Single-Phase or 3.5kW Three-Phase pump.
  • Separate suction point.
  • In a wall installation, two Lido nozzles can be operated with one pump.




Viva Lido plates


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