Eco-friendly pools

Save Water

All our pool covers reduce water evaporation by over 98%. Evaporation losses over one summer season add up to a staggering amount of wasted water. With South Africa’s drought and resulting water crisis, pool covers are no longer an accessory, rather a necessity. Covering your pool is the right thing to do!


Eco-friendly pools


Going green and shrinking carbon footprints with PowerPlastics Pool Covers

With our superior thermal pool covers using the very latest GeoBubble material innovations in this field, PowerPlastics Pool Covers is now widely regarded as the leading supplier of covers for the eco-conscious pool owner.

Eco-friendly pools – going green with PowerPlastics Pool Covers

We have tailored a range of thermal pool covers in response to local issues including South Africa’s ongoing electricity and water crises, the need to shrink carbon footprints in the domestic setting, and the global call to action on more sustainable lifestyles.

Our high performance thermals range uses GeoBubble material, offering greater savings and cover efficiencies than ever before. Our EnergyGuard and Sol+Guard covers in this range have set new benchmarks for performance and manufacturing quality. GeoBubble covers are fully recyclable at the end of their life.

Why change to an eco-friendly pool?

The question is perhaps not why, but why would you NOT want to cover your pool? While only an estimated 5% of pools are covered in South Africa, there has been a definite mind shift as pool owners are realising that our thermal and high performance GeoBubble covers not only save money but are kinder to the environment too.

Verified research and test conditions

Our savings figures are all verified by acclaimed and independent research institutions. The tests have been documented in a case study on the efficacies of pool covers in respect of conserving natural resources.

Education on eco-friendly pools

We also run a broad educational campaign regarding the environmental impact of swimming pools and the steps pool owners can take to address their usage of non-sustainable resources for swimming pools.


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