JetStreams Floating Lounge

The Floating Lounge is the first all in one wellness, fitness and rehabilitation station suitable for every pool – an exercise machine, a counter current swimming system, a wellness oasis and a medical convalescence aid all in one.

Thanks to its technical features, it opens the door to a range of wellness applications previously only available at different and often completely separate facilities such as health resorts, spas, sports clubs or massage providers. The Floating Lounge’s vast range of applications extends from meditative relaxation achieved via weightlessness, focused massage, to athletic exercise with counter current jets.


  • Given that hydrotherapy is especially effective in rehabilitation, the Floating Lounge is an excellent convalescent aid favored by hospitals and clinics
  • Flexibility and strength training: for feet, knees, hips, calves, spine, shoulders and arms.
  • Massage:  a relaxing full body massage or a massage focused on specific body parts; deep relaxation; floating.
  • Dynamic aqua sports: relaxing swimming; vigorous swimming; aqua jogging; aqua walking
  • Rehabilitation: release of myofascial tension; muscle and joint training; improved circulation; pain relief; regulation of the nervous system; improved mobility; strengthening of the immune system.
  • Can target areas such as the back, neck, calves and feet and all jet functions can be adjusted via the simple control unit.
  • Massage pressure and duration can be individually programmed depending on the application. Programs can be selected to run automatically.


  • Integrated, high performance, counter-current unit.
  • Circulates up to 18 litres/second or 65m3/hour.
  • 8 massage jets in the back region and 2 in the calf area, and a wellness jet in the foot region.
  • Stainless steel handrails for support.
  • Ergonomic bed shape.
  • Adjustable massage pressure and duration settings.


Floating Lounge

Floating Lounge  Floating Lounge

Floating Lounge from PowerPlastics JetStreams


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