EasyRoll Motorised Rollup Station

The EasyRoll Motorised Rollup Station is a lightweight, portable unit that is slotted into the battens of the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, aiding the opening and closing of the pool. Suited to PowerPlastics Solid Safety Covers measuring between 5 and 12 metres long.


  • While the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover requires two people to manually take the cover on and off, EasyRoll allows for a single person to open or close the pool for swimming. This adds extra convenience and removes the hassle of covering the pool immediately after use to avoid child drownings.
  • In some cases pool designs don’t always allow for two people to operate a safety cover. In these cases, we will manufacture the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover to suit and incorporate the EasyRoll, ensuring pool safety is not compromised due to the design of the pool.
  • EasyRoll carefully rolls the cover over the paving, avoiding abrasive wear and tear that will prematurely age the cover.


  • After slotting into the battens of the cover, the gear motor is engaged and rotates, and the battens open or close the pool for swimming.
  • Comes with two batteries and a charger.
  • Hinged legs for easy carrying and storage.
  • Ratchet and strap for closing the pool.

Delivery time

Seven working days from receipt of payment.


EasyRoll has a 2 year warranty (does not include battery), subject to adherence of the suggested guidelines for care and maintenance.


easyroll-diagram-300  EasyRoll


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