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Loadshedding, Sensible Summer, full range overview, cover of the month by the new Special Projects team.

Sensible Summers with a heated pool – Sol+Guard and Thermal GeoBubble, Rollup Stations for GeoBubble covers, covered pools for water sports.

Sensible Summers – The GeoBubble range, new look Mercury Rollup Station, new UV protection sheet.

UN World Drowning Prevention Day July 25 2021, collaboration with the NSRI, the new Child Drowning Prevention Handbook, Adult Supervision Monitor system.

Does pool safety need to become a moral conversation? The prevalence of drownings in South Africa.

Extend your summer in a heated pool. Next gen GeoBubble covers, Automatic Rollup Stations, when to replace a cover, Why PowerPlastics Pool Covers.

The On Duty Swimming Monitor Badge. A new swimming safety monitor system. 

Dear Santa

Shopping around? What to look for in a pool cover. A happy customer shares their feedback. 

Gift ideas for the whole family. Double the cover – winter and summer covers, JetsStreams, SolarPatio, Vektor Rollup Station.

Roldeck slatted pool covers – the benefits of automatic slatted covers, the Solar-powered Slatted Cover.

Sol+Guard – heat your pool naturally this summer, Jupiter Rollup Station, Why PowerPlastics Pool Covers.

Staying in touch, summer safety tips. accessories from PowerPlastics Pool Covers, Grey – new colour added to the Solid Safety Cover range.

Cover replacements, when to replace your GeoBubble cover and when to replace your Solid Safety Cover, NEW grey colour choice – Solid Safety Cover. 

A new normal for pools – the top 5 pool cover choices for the new normal, the PowerPlastics Jetstreams Trevi for counter-current swimming.

Making the change, power-saving infographic, EnergyGuard, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, the PowerPlastics Automated GeoRoller

Dear Santa

Dear Joburg, Love Cape Town – learnings from Cape Town’s drought, the GeoBubble range, water scarcity in SA

You wouldn’t do this … child safety, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, TopStep, the home of pool safety

Rollup Stations, New product – the Automated GeoRoller, manual Rollup Stations, Vektor Rollup Station

Pool safety for pets, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, slatted covers for pool safety, dog drownings & what to do

Roldeck fully automatic covers, trip to Netherlands to meet Roldeck, new product launch – The Solar-powered Slatted Cover

The PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, safe pools in winter, The Signature line of printed covers

Power-smart winter pools, EnergyGuard

Dear Santa

A guide to a covered summer, why pool design matters to pool safety, criteria of a safety cover, how to choose a GeoBubble cover, Hadeda Summer

Pool Safety Standards, the changing face of pool safety, understanding criteria for solid safety covers, New – printed safety covers, drowning prevention, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover

Day Zero, Pool safety for kids (video), 8 reasons to buy GeoBubble, EnergyGuard, Water-neutral pools, alternative pool covers – know what you’re buying

Dear Santa, stocking fillers, Level 5 water restrictions, a guide to selecting GeoBubble covers (video), chemical input guide (for GeoBubble covers)

Pool safety, update on safety legislation, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, pool safety tips – TopStep, guide to GeoBubble covers, LeafNet

Water-neutral pools, 105 litres – your daily water consumption, a guide to summer pool covers, PowerPlastics Pool Covers supports City of Cape Town, use our online store, summer orders

A seasonal guide to pool covers, CT’s water crisis, how to chose a thermal cover, cover repairs

Our new online store, Why GeoBubble, SA’s drought, a guide to summer covers

An update on SABS’s move towards regulating pool safety, the Energy-saving Solid Safety Cover, new Vektor Rollup Station

Beat loadshedding with an energy-saving pool cover, EnergyGuard & Energy-saving Solid Safety Cover

Letter to Santa …

The top 3 covers for summer, summary of full product range

Winterize your pool, update on the pending pool safety legislation in SA

Pool safety & drowning prevention, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover

Heated summer pools, PowerPlastics JetStreams – Floating Lounge

Full product range, GeoBubble

The double cover principle, EasyRoll, SafetyRoll, Covers for Covers

Full product range, Christmas shopping at PowerPlastics Pool Covers

Summer Covered, full product range

Winter pools, EnergyGuard, GeoBubble

Pool safety, PowerDome, RollerBench

Heated pools, sustainable pools, energy & water saving tips

Drowning prevention, the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover, TopStep, drowning myths

Winter pools – save money with EnergyGuard

National Water Week, water-wise pools, EnergyGuard

Pool Safety Legislation, eco-friendly pools, automatic covers

Covers for summer, heat the pool with Sol+Guard

Drowning prevention, Pool Safety Legislation, drowning facts

Energy-smart pools, EnergyGuard



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