Covers for Covers

covers-for-covers-6It is important to correctly care for and store your pool cover in a protective storage cover of its own when not in use. This reduces weathering and sun damage and significantly extends a cover’s lifespan.


Standard Solar Protection Sheet for thermal covers

Our thermal covers all come with a silver polypropylene protection sheet. Please use this as it really will prevent premature ageing of your cover. Unfortunately we can’t be held accountable if sun damage occurs and the protection sheet has not been used as recommended. Always place the cover back in the silver bag it came in. By storing your cover in a tailor-made bag, you also create a neater poolside setting. 

Covers for Covers: Thermal Covers with Rollup Stations

With your thermal cover, you will get a free silver solar protection sheet which can also be placed over the Rollup Station as a cover, protecting the GeoBubble cover at the same time.  

Alternatively, a PVC protection sheet can be purchased, custom manufactured to size. This also protects your Rollup Station and thermal cover at the same time. The entire Rollup Station sits in the casing and the sides are pulled up. The single opening on the top is sealed with Velcro.

Features and materials

  • Made from 550gsm PVC
  • Heavy duty Velcro fastening along the top
  • Colours: blue, grey, green, beige, brown

Covers for Covers: LeafNet and Solid Cover with Hooks and Eyelets

The LeafNet and Solid Cover with Hooks and Eyelets comes in a free silver polypropylene bag. The cover should always be stored in this protective bag when off the pool.  


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