Covers for Covers: covers for the GeoBubble range

Standard Solar Protection Sheet for the GeoBubble range

Our GeoBubble covers all come with a free white solar protection sheet. Please use this as it really will prevent premature ageing of your cover. Unfortunately we can’t be held accountable if sun damage occurs and the protection sheet has not been used as recommended. Always drape it over the rolled up cover and secure well with the rope provided.

Please note that the Solar Protection Sheet is designed for solar protection only, not for general cover storage. For complete protection while off the pool, review our Covers to Covers products – a range of specialised covers for more superior protection and better cover longevity, detailed below.

By storing your cover in such a tailor-made cover, you also create a neater poolside setting.


Covers for Covers: covers for the GeoBubble range

Even if the cover is rolled up or on a Rollup Station when not in use, the cover is still exposed to natural elements that shorten the lifespan. This cover can be used to store GeoBubble covers with or without Rollup Stations.


  • Ensures correct storage of the GeoBubble cover when off the pool, extending the cover’s lifespan.


  • Made from 550gsm PVC
  • Heavy duty Velcro fastening along the length
  • Draw strings at both ends to seal the cover


Available in blue, grey, green, beige and brown.

Covers for Covers - the GeoBubble range

Covers for Covers - the GeoBubble range


Download the Covers for Covers brochure here