CoolGuard GeoBubble

CoolGuard GeoBubble allows the water surface directly under the cover to stay cool and refreshing, making this a popular cover in hot, tropical climates where air and water temperatures are similar. CoolGuard GeoBubble is also an effective way to shrink the carbon footprint through reduced water, power and chemical consumption.


  • Cooler water: maintains comfortable water temperatures for swimming.
  • Water savings: evaporation reduced by 98%: a significant water saving.
  • Chemical savings: chemical consumption is reduced by 60%, given that the cover inhibits light entry and prevents algae growth.
  • Power savings: with an algae-free pool that requires less filtration, power consumption is reduced by over 50%.
  • Improved water hygiene: reduces dirt and debris collecting in the pool.


  • Made from robust 500 micron GeoBubble material.


Reflective light blue surface with a black underside.


CoolGuard has a 3 year reducing warranty but with correct care will last 4 to 6 years.


CoolGuard: reflects the sun’s heat


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